today i am meeting with the city of fairfield to do the ceremonious cutting of the ribbon at the new store. we grand open on saturday the 10th but we have been open since sept. 4th or so. should be fun! craig told me i could slug in around 12 today so i stayed up late til about 2 and go figure the dog wanted to wake up early. boo! no sleep for me!
we are still moving into our new house. we rented another spot. the old house still needs to be cleaned out. our 30 days is up at the end of the month and i want it to look semi-decent for when linda our landlady comes over. moving is hard especially when your boyfriend is unmotivated. and messy. ugh. it's drains me.
speaking of lenny, his parents are coming out again for a week. we're taking sid to santa cruz again! his parents found a new hotel that is dog friendly so off we go. and craig approved my three days off!
i think next up i am due for a longer vacation............

life change

it's been since april 18th since i've eaten meat. i decided to go veg. well with the exception of fish. no dairy either. no dairy for about a week. i will say since april 26th. the goal is to be healthier. like hardcore. it's time in my life to quit fuckin' around with my health. i've been struggling with the smoking thing...it seems like when i get under any sort of pressure i want to smoke. usually when i am at work. go figure.
this change so far has been easy for me. i rarely eat meat anyway and dairy leaves me feeling heavy...not to mention what these things do to your insides (and outs!).
alas..i am too sleepy to type anymore :)


today lenny and i went to an orchid show at the scotish rite masonic (hall?) in downtown sacramento today. it was pretty wild. lenny purchased a few orchids and i bought a small orchid and a really cool pitcher plant that is in bloom. the guy i bought it from was super nice and pretty helpful. i know i could probably look up on the internet what i did wrong in the past with my carnivourous plants but it's some much easier when someone explains it to you ! we also attended a "how to" on transplanting cymbidiums and after they finished they raffled the plant and i won it :) i was pretty happy about that...
lenny says i'm good luck because last summer at the hydro-expo i won the door raffle and they gave me a $200 fan. and we go to this and i won the orchid. winning stuff rules!!
after the orchid show we went and had a bubble tea and i came home and did some yardwork. now (even after a cup of coffee) i am ready to call it a night.............

bonus shmonus!!!

at work we made ebidta this year. ebidta is an acronym (i hope i have it right) for 54 lines of budgeting and profit to determine an overall number for the year. so we made our numbers at work plus some and we bonus! i've never gotten a bonus on anything. today i look at my bank account and with all the state and federal taxes they took out 43% of the total amount!! to me that's pretty huge. i was going to buy a toyota from some guy i work with and just use the bonus money to do so. now i am going to have to dip into my (very small) savings to buy the thing. i wanted to pay cash so i didnt have some out of control loan that would take me 3-4 years to pay off anyways. <sigh> i dont understand money. never have probably never will.
on another note!
i love hooping. it's so relaxing and when i try something different with my hoop it makes me laugh.
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so i just brought up the fact to lenny that he and i have a serious lack of communication and intimacy and now he's sitting in the living room silently and we haven't spoken in like 30 mins. serious lack of or none at all? i knew i wasn't crazy.


so tonight on vh1 classics they had paul simon talking about his album graceland. i started to think about when i was around 10 or 11 and listening to graceland on our record player with my parents. mostly with my dad. we would just listen and enjoy and sometimes i would dance to the music and make my parents laugh. makes me smile to think about it. and now i want to youtube paul simon videos :) 


i went to walgreens last night to get some coffee creamer and behold they had...

these are one of my favorites.

so it was a good night :)

hur dids!

i cut lenny's hair...at his request of course. i think he looks very handsome. oowee!
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